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Reading from my tower: Kindle vs paper (or rather, e-book vs paper?)

Reading from my tower: Kindle vs paper (or rather, e-book vs paper?): Recently a couple of friends and I got into a friendly (cough!) argument about the superiority of E-books vs Paper books. I've been in love ...

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Libby said...

You blogged!

I've heard this argument many, many times about the joy of having a "real" book in your hands, smelling the paper and such. And since my mother used to be a librarian, I'm pretty sure she'd favor this side. Now the others love the fact of how many books can be stored on e-readers and such for such low prices.

A friend of mine said her friend became a recent convert from paper books to e-readers, but he suggested that e-readers aren't good for reading the scriptures because you can't find them readily when you go back to the actual Bible because you don't have any context to put it in if you can't readily remember ever scripture you've read.

As for me, I don't own any type of e-reader and I haven't had much time for paper books either so my own comment on this topic would clearly be invalid. :-)


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