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Incredibly proud!

My girls asked me to teach them how to embroider. They chose a simple shape, a heart and arrow. Lil' J (who is four years old) is doing hers in pink, and Big J (5 years old) wanted hers in blue! I wish you could hear their giggles. I think Big J will not like it as much as Lil' J since she's much more for sports, but I could be wrong!

I'm such a proud momma hen!


Libby said...

I need to become a member of this class!

Just be happy! said...

how lovely!
lucky little girls.
I'd be proud if my little girl would like me to teach her crafts, too.

CT said...

Libs, come anytime! I will save a spot for you!
Ale: just wait! I'm surprised that girl of yours didn't reach for a hook as soon as she was home!

The funny thing with my girls, anything having to do with needles or yarn (crochet, knitting,sewing or embroidery) they call it knitting, so I had to figure out which one they meant! They call their labor their "tejerito", which has no translation!

Alhana said...

They are so cute! I started embroidering at 4~5 too when a neighbour gave me an embroidery set (with a real frame of my own!) for my Saint day. I was into drawing and painting and still am... but haven't stopped crafting since then!

Alicia said...

That's great, congratulations you have two lovely girls!!


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