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BOOK REVIEW: A Bride's portrait of Dodge City, Kansas

A Bride’s  portrait of Dodge City, Kansas
Erica Vetsch

Addie needs to make a fresh start. With her uncle dead and the weight of establishing her photography on her shoulders, plus the obligations with the bank and the dangers of being a single woman in a city like Dodge City she is still decided and optimistic about making a new life for herself. Then a face from her past turns up in Dodge City, and all at once her secrets seem to be about to catch up to her and send her hopes and dreams crashing to the mud.

Miles is trying to distance himself from his past as much as he can. He is the new appointed deputy of Dodge City, and he can’t help but feel drawn to the lovely new photographer in town.

Then tragedy starts to happen. And it might just mean their pasts will collide and destroy them.

This novel is so well written you feel you are smack in the middle of a Western town, in a time when honor was defended with a gun. The main characters are really endearing, and the plot is very pulling.  I kept wondering and changing my mind about who was the perpetrator of the crimes.  I enjoyed reading this novel  so much that I’m looking forward to further installments!

A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher for reviewing purposes. They opinions here stated are my own, and have not been influenced in any way. 

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