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Guess what?

Guess who can hold and work a hook again!?!?

For a little while, a round or two of a small hat, but I can crochet again after almost two months! It feels like forever!!!!

Slowly but surely getting better now! Yaaaay! Let's have a crochet fest, all of us! (Dances around goofily while her daughters laugh at her)

Gone to crochet! By!

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Kar said...

Glad to hear you are back to the hook and yarn!


Alhana said...

*holds your hand and dances along with you* :-D

Welcome back!

Libby said...

Yay! We missed you. Glad to see the hook in hand. :-)

Just be happy! said...

Great news, I'm happy you are back to hooking!

Rudee said...

Oh, good for you! This is good news.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

I'm so glad!! Did you go into withdrawal? I had hand surgery about four years ago and was hookless for a good two months! Glad you're getting better!

CT said...

Kar: thank you! Feels good to be back!
Nuria: si! Verdad que es divertido??
Libby: thanks! Lol!
Ale: you betcha! Lol! Thanks
Rudee: oh I missed it so much!
Dawn: yes, I went into withdrawal, I had to hide hooks and yarn!

CT said...
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