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Growing lovelies

This past weekend we spent it like I used to do when I was a child. Back then, and although I live in the same neighborhood, you could just rush out the door and play with your bicycle in the street! or maybe play ball or roller skate or play hopscotch! I was telling my husband I wish my girls could enjoy all those activities, and then I recalled another weekend thing of my childhood: gardening.

So on Saturday afternoon we went to a nursery and bought several plants: some rosebushes, herbs, dahlias and also four big sacks of planting soil, plus lots of pots from the store next door (yeah, I live smack in the belly button of a huge Walmart like store. Imagine that you cut a rectangle with it's shorter side being the front out of the facade of a super store and put a little house there. Yup, that'd be us)

Sunday we hopped in our bicycles ( the girls riding in their little seats) and went to get the tools we needed. When I was in my parent's house, I had all the tools you could think of. I've always felt like in a toy store when I enter a Truper  dealer... guess it comes from being the only girl! Well, my Hubby gave me a set of garden tools (a small rake, a planting shovel, a small shovel and a fork) and threw in some pruning shears. Golly gee! can you see me skipping with glee all the way there?

The rest of the day we spent potting our plants and planting some seeds, with a second trip to the nursery to get more flowers (I decided at last that my balcony needed some love too) and we got two gorgeous strawberry plants! LOVE LOVE LOVE the little suckers!

Pansies and strawberries hanging in the corner of my "living room"

So, after much dirt and shoveling and some swearing and two little girls blissfully covered in dirt, here's what my patio looks like!

Can you imagine it without plants?  this is the very back of the patio. From right to left, a rosebush, a chile plant, a dahlia in front of a "mutton tail", then some arnica, sage, a tuberose in the rectangular pot, basil, and in the back pot is my rosemary. The small black pots are where I took some Tuberosa bulbs and I'm trying to coax them to grow! hehehe! let's see if  I can manage.

This is what a Tuberose is supposed to look like, and it's so fragrant!

Right at the back is another small black pot where we planted some string beans. And can you see my tools in the small shed? on top of it is an old birdcage that I plan to use as a guide for my tomato plants! Recycle!

here is my  pink bouganvillea, the big one in the big pot. I just trimmed it! in the small round pot under it I planted Thyme, and next to it is a rosebush. On the wall, from right to left, oregano, carnations and mint.

This is a small agave like plant that I don't know the name. Then the one in the center is a Desert Glory, and the next plant? I don't know it's name, but it gives out a small sprig of very tiny bell like flowers!

from right to left, a pink rosebush, a white rosebush, a pot awaiting the Aloe Vera plant (we hadn't potted it when I took the photos) and jazmin!

There used to be a heavy sort of motor for a walk-in fridge from when there was a butcher shop in what now is my home (right where my strawberries are! eek!) and the frame was welded to a beam, so we got to keep it (yeah right) and this is just outside my daughters' window (you have to go through their room to get to ours, and yes, it is separated from the rest of the house so if it's raining and you have to go to the kitchen... oy!) Three rosebushes!

I will stop badgering you now! I am so proud of all the work and moving and planting and such that we did this weekend! this is my humble little patio! some other day I'll show you my balcony!


Kar said...

Looking good CT. Make sure you share pics of how everything looks all full and lovely!

Tammie said...

its all so pretty. you were busy this weekend.

i love the inside plants. living on the second floor of an apartment building, i cant really have much of a garden (not like what im used to anyway), but i do want to grow some indoor herbs or something just to bring in a bit of green.

Libby said...

Loving all your herbs and flowers! I've got some growing on the deck this year too.

Just be happy! said...

I love your pots, CT!
great job!!

Rudee said...

It's all so beautiful! Nicely done, CT!

hester said...

Wow! You and the girls have done a great job and I can tell you all had a ball. There's nothing better than admiring all the gardening work you have just done and then enjoying it all for months to come (hopefully). I was about to start my no dig vege garden again and put in more layers of manure, lucerne etc but have just realised that dozens and dozens of tiny eggplants and coriander plants have self seeded and sprouted. I'm such a proud mama with all those little babies.


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